Series 822

Series Number: 822

Series 822

Terminal Layout (mm)


  • Automotive, 40 amps
  • USA and European pin-out
  • Open Frame, Flux-tight or Sealed
  • 1.2 watt and 1.6 watt coils
  • High power, low cost
Size(LxWxH) not including terminals 26.6X21.4X21.5 Contact Configuration 1 FORM A TO 1 FORM C
Max. allowable Contact Current 40 amps Contact Rating Resistive load 40A 14VDC (SPNO ONLY) 30A 14VDC (SPNC ONLY) SPDT-NO: 40A 14VDC SPDT-NC: 20A 14VDC
Insulation System None Coil Voltage DC: 6-24VDC AC: None
Coil Operating Power at nominal voltage DC: 1.2/1.6W AC: None Expected mechanical life (min.) 1×10^7
Expected electrical life (min.) 1×10^5 Terminal Type Auto Relays
Between open contact 500V Between contact and coil 500V
Between contact circuits None
Dielectric Strength AC Voltage – 1 minute

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